Saturday, May 7, 2016

Truth and An Innocent Question

Amazing the path that the search for truth will take you.

In a compensatory fashion, the word "truth" as used here means: that, which is.

So in searching for that which is, I submitted an innocent the pastor:

"Almost every Sunday you tell us that once we are saved, we are always saved...but the visiting pastor today completely contradicted you by saying that we can in fact lose our salvation....this is confusing to me...which is it?"
The response, sent not by the pastor, but by an associate pastor (on behalf of the pastor) - paraphrasing;

"Scholars more erudite than yourself and I have debated this very question and few can agree with certainty on the exact answer."
Umm, Ok.

Now even more confused, I would set out to find the answer on my own. After all, the ultimate point of the Sunday "habit" is to avoid eternal damnation...isn't it?? And to avoid this terribly eternal fate, one needs some very certain information on how to stay on the "safe" side....

In time, the pastor's response to my innocent question would eventually culminate and confirm, for me, (at least) two things:

1) it is true that among Christians, often within the very same denomination, church, household, and/or individual, there truly is no agreement nor certainty on the salvation question and,

2) pastors (and pastor's associates) are simply winging it....

Eric Spann (copyright 2016) 

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