Friday, April 22, 2016

Something (themes?) to think about

History of Malt Liquor

"[When] you get a marketing guy in there who sees it's a disproportionately black business, it becomes a black business,"

The Baby Powder Problem

“Time to come up with more confusion!”

Wilhemina's War

"Wilhemina’s War is the story of Wilhemina Dixon, an uneducated daughter of sharecroppers who becomes a force in her family’s fight for survival from HIV and AIDS.

"Poor" Haitians

"In June 2009, the Haitian Parliament unanimously passed a law requiring that the minimum wage be raised to $0.61 an hour, or $5 a day. (The average cost of living is estimated to be the equivalent of about $23 a day.) This pay raise was staunchly opposed by foreign manufacturers.."

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