Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dr. Amos Wilson Lecture Notes

Other aspect of intelligence...consists of the ability to SOLVE PROBLEMS!!!!
"IQ" is irrelevant if unable to solve problems.

We must read european history...the two histories are too intertwined...they have robbed and stolen enough to be/play as intrinsically "nice" ...

You are not intelligent until able to solve the problems that confront YOU.

You exist in a context that is unique to you,...problems unique to you..exist under conditions that are unique to you..

White text books/college courses etc....are defined by the problems that THEY face

white psychology books, economic books, sociology are all designed and structured to address the problems faced by the white race

Contrasting, comparing..doing hypotheticals---knowledge alone is not good enough

Dr. Wilson's major difficulty on the lecture circuit is convincing people that we in fact have major problems i.e. AIDS

Can't simply lean on Jesus...have to use your solve problems

The first essence of intelligence is to recognize that you have a problem.

Correlation with economic decline: As cotton prices declined..the number of lynchings increased

Mind and Computer - information approach - software consists of the plans, instructions, organized to deal with the systematic info input

The Act of seeing is guided by a program..."looking is not seeing"
the act of seeing is an intellectual be able to differentiate the type of system that you are looking at


We are conditioned to be blind to the obvious...educated into ignorance of the obvious...

The hardware of black people suffer no deficits - must learn to be be dumb..even black adults are serious students of dumbness..conditioning is a learning process

Stategy for recapturing the African not a "feel good" approach...not about African clothes, dance, and song...its about survival...

culture not merely a way of is ultimately an intellectual system...a survival mechanism...the food dance and song is coincidental to the problem solving capacity of that culture

Moving the child beyond the immediate circumstance...reorienting the current behavior to solve future problem....increasing the child's conceptual capacity. History is not about Hero worship...feeling good..its part of organizing the mind.

To appropriately educate the black child must understand the ultimate goal is the overthrow of white supremacy- if this is not the goal the black child will not be developed to his/her fullest intellectual potential

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