Thursday, October 15, 2015

Video: I Was Almost Another Dead Black Male

Attempt this stunt at your own risk...

Sure, you're college "educated", maybe even a law student and you've seen some youtube videos showing you how to "enforce" your "rights" when stopped by law enforcement officials (AKA - police). You've also seen videos of all manner of white men and women all but spit in the face of a "police" officer during a traffic stop and get away with it.

I repeat, attempt any/all of the above at our own risk...though I would NOT recommend it.

If you haven't figured it out by now, any of the above can mean sudden AND instantaneous death for a black person and your passenger(s) within the system of racism/white supremacy.

I know, I know...its a difficult pill to swallow because I've had to swallow the same.

Video: I Was Almost Another Dead Black Male

"...I felt the gun pressed to my head...then I passed out..."

Eric Spann (copyright 2015)

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