Sunday, April 19, 2015


A thoughtful blogger posed a question that more or less asked whether black women were doomed - economically and otherwise - as a consequence of not being able to find a mate suitable in educational, financial, and economic status.

I doubt the blogger was asking a purely "academic question" though some academicians do like to toss the question around as if it were merely an academic exercise. They (academics) have charts 'o plenty showing how many black females have "advanced" degrees in contrast to the number of black males possessing the same. This chart is then compared to another chart showing how much more "wealth" a comparable white household has as a result of their fortuitous "assortative mating."

"assortative mating — a clunky phrase that refers to people’s tendency to choose spouses with similar educational attainment."

The end result of these academic discussions tend to offer "solutions" that in fact are non-solutions. And again, in fact, worsen an already tragic situation. Further, these academic-type discussions slyly skirt the real issue at hand.

For me, the parent(attempted) of a black female, the husband(attempted) of a black female, the brother(attempted) of a black female, and the cousin(attempted) of several black females - this is not academic. For if black women have a doomed existence, then frankly (and logically) put, so do I. And to this end, I refuse to accept this conclusion.

So to the question: “are black women doomed to suffer the consequences…?”

In my opinion, an opinion based on compensatory logic (cause and effect), that answer is an emphatic NO!

For this problem, like all people-made problems, has a solution. However, that solution in no way includes non-white individuals “marrying” white people as this only compounds the current problem by further confusing non-white people regarding the nature of the problem.

We solve this problem by developing and adopting a (social) code fit for solving problems.

Working towards this solution demands that we first identify the source of the problem…e.g.  “root cause” analysis.

While the research article did a “side-swipe” of the root cause, as typical and expected, it did not explain the issue in a manner suitable towards finding solutions.

All of their research could be summarized in just a few sentences like:

Until The Problem of racism/white supremacy is eliminated and replaced with a better system (like Justice?), the quality relationship that should exist between people will remain ever elusive. The system of racism intends to keep non-white males and females in a permanent “sub”-status in every area of people activity including but not exclusive to economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war.

That said, non-white people must recognize that our very reason for being may just be to solve the race problem once and for all..."The Assignment." We do this by adopting a code of thought, speech, and action with the intention and goal of doing so.

To date, the missing element - despite literally countless assessments of the situation - has been an individual code of what to do about the problem.

Eric Spann (copyright 2015)

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