Monday, January 19, 2015

White Studies: Sexual Harassment

Warning: If you're easily offended by word pictures describing sex (in this case Sexual Abuse/Harassment**), please skip this post!!

The below story is so profound that, with the author's permission, I post it here in its entirety.

Profound because I've heard similar stories from other non-white males and females.

Profound because the intersection of Racism (White Supremacy) and Sex is rarely discussed in an open and honest manner.

Profound because in the current, Refinement stage of racism (see "Code" pg. 31), this information could possibly save your sanity, your reputation, or quite possibly your life.

Profound because this single story contains so many lessons in "White Studies"...

From the previous study we discussed that white supremacy is practiced via deception, violence and/or the threat of violence - notice the same elements are also found within this story/study. No coincidence as this is how racism works in real-time.

          The question: Have you ever dated a white girl?

His reply:
"I attended a majority white liberal arts college in Los Angeles, and being one of only two black military minded individuals on campus was quite difficult for me to adjust to at moments. I’m from Texas, and being southern you just don’t trust or relate to white people like that if you’re black or Latino. I grew up with white women looking at me in a sexual yet disgusted manner, while white men called me “Boy” which is the covert way and word for “Nigger” that white people use in Texas.

I remember my freshman year I met this white girl named Meagan, she was a super liberal Christian from Kansas. Meagan had a white boyfriend who asked her to marry him back in Kansas, a extremely wealthy conservative Christian family, and she always seemed like she was on a mission to piss her parents off with her life choices.

Meagan decided to join the debate team, and this is where our paths crossed. She immediately gave me those familiar looks of lust and disgust when we met. I was literally the only black person on the debate team. Meagan and I were assigned a project together, so one night I ended up at her apartment after 11:00pm.

We completed the project and somehow ended up talking about my life in retrospect, she offered me vodka. I accepted, she drank a sip of vodka and red bull and began to act as if she was the most intoxicated woman on the planet. After a sip of vodka and red bull, she started to aggressively kiss me while stating cliche and sexually awkward comments like: “Are you going to shove that big black cock into me?”, “I’ve always wanted to fuck a big black cock”, and “Pound this white pussy with your jungle cock”.

Now, mind you I was only 18 when this took place. I wasn’t smart enough at the time to catch all these subtle racist comments Meagan was making. I was young and dumb, and this random white girl who was really attractive when she wasn’t talking was throwing her pussy at me without me putting in any effort for it.

We hooked up a few more times until one night we were out at a party, Meagan made a racist comment about a black girl who had purple highlights in her hair at the party. Meagan said something to me to the effect of “Your people are so ghetto, c’mon. Purple hair dude?” The black girl overheard her and the black girl went H.A.M on Meagan. Meagan, bleeding from a busted lip from having hands put on her called the police.

The police arrived and put me in hand cuffs because they believed I set Meagan up to be assaulted by the black girl who I had never met before. Meagan got the white Bentwood Police to uncuff me by saying and I quote verbatim “He’s not apart of the black apes who jumped me, he’s my boyfriend, he’s one of the good ones.”

I was young and dumb, on the way back to her apartment we fought because I was offended that she referred to me as her boyfriend. I know, right. I should have been more angry about her racist comments and angry about the fact that she lied to the cops by saying she was jumped by a group of black thugs. Hints the reason that I referred to myself as young and dumb during this period of my life. We got back to her apartment and had sex, after sex she said and I quote verbatim “Black men are such good lay’s, you guys are excellent breeders with your big muscles, big cocks, and great bodies.”

I didn’t even confront her ignorant comment, I just left her apartment with my mind made up that I would never deal with her again.

2 weeks passed with me ducking her and not returning her phone calls and she finally cornered me one day in the gym. I expressed to her that I thought she was racist, entitled, spoiled, and that she wasn’t the kind of person that I saw myself consorting with.

In hearing this she became incensed with anger, flying off the handle why reminding me that I wasn’t worthy to brake up with her {WE WERE NEVER IN A RELATIONSHIP} and that she would never even consider dating a “Black Jungle Monkey”. Going on to state that she has a great white man who asked her for her hand in marriage back in Kansas, and that I had no one to love me back in the jungle war zone where I came from.

Meagan informed me that if I even as much as looked in her direction moving forward, she would spread a rumor and accuse me of raping her. Meagan then spit in my face in the middle of the gym in front of everyone and walked away.


** A note regarding the title. I include here an explanation for my use of the word-term "Sexual Abuse/Harassment" as these are not terms used by the author of the story. This is a compensatory term to describe the power relationship that exists between white and non-white people in the area of sexual activity during the existence of racism (white supremacy).

Eric Spann (copyright 2015)

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