Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Most Powerful Government

According to Compensatory Counter-Racist Logic the most powerful and only functional "government" in the known universe is The "government" of White Supremacy(racism).

Yes, even more powerful than the "U.S. Government".

Proof? Example?

Here is but one (of countless many):

The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands aka  the "Freedmen's Bureau"

Chartered for one year, it existed (barely) seven.

Per Wikipedia (accessed 7/27/14):

"the Freedmen's Bureau was a U.S. federal government agency that aided distressed freedmen (freed slaves) during the Reconstruction era of the United States...
..The most widely recognized among the achievements of the Freedman’s Bureau are its accomplishments in the field of education. Prior to the Civil War, no southern state had a system of universal, state-supported public education. Former slaves wanted such a system while the wealthier whites opposed the idea. Freedmen had a strong desire to learn to read and write and worked hard to establish schools in their communities prior to the advent of the Freedmen's Bureau...
...After the Bureau was abolished, some of its achievements collapsed under the weight of white violence against schools and teachers for blacks.
...After the 1870s, when white Democrats regained power of southern governments, they reduced funds available to fund public education.
... In the 1890s they passed Jim Crow laws establishing legal segregation of public places. Segregated schools and other services for blacks were consistently underfunded.

In other words, the "U.S. Government" giveth, and the government of White Supremacy taketh away.

"Wait, wait!!", I can hear some say(and in a very loud voice), "but the U.S. government itself is Racist!!!?"

Opinions on the matter vary, but try to follow the logic...

The "U.S. Government" is not Racist however, the government of white supremacy most certainly is.

A "government" is nothing more than a person or group of people "governed" by a set of "laws" or codes.

The government of white supremacy consists of those individual persons that believe in and are "governed" by the practice of racism.

What makes this particular government the most powerful is the fact that it can hide in plain sight while at the same time subverting ALL other governments at ALL times.

Back to the Freedmen's Bureau example.

Within the "U.S. Government" were members of the more powerful "government" of white supremacy who, despite the U.S. "law",  made the very effective and forceful decision to end all efforts to assist the recently "freed men."

And we've been playing catch up every since - figuratively and literally as the same continues to occur.

Despite being employed (or formerly employed) either directly or indirectly by the "U.S. Government" and/or personally knowing other black people that are also so employed many continue to insist that the "U.S. Government" is racist.

This is a true contradiction if ever there was one. 

If you're black and a government employee simply ask yourself, am I a racist?

As previously stated...we're still playing catch up as we haven't yet figured out the ruse.

With the intent of providing some clarity and in summary: Racism is practiced by white people that believe in Racism. Some of them happen to work within "governments" while constituting an extremely powerful government all on their own. The only "laws" that they respect are those that support, expand, and refine racism.

Eric Spann (copyright 2014)

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