Monday, May 12, 2014

On Being American. African.

A few years ago I witnessed a written exchange between two "friends." I feel justified in putting the quotes around the word friends given 1) the context- Facebook, and 2) the exchange - quite unfriendly.

The two individuals, both non-white, described themselves as "African".

I was somewhat dismayed by what would follow.

You see, the one "friend" stated that he was born (and lives) in Nigeria, the other "friend" claimed Mississippi (U.S.) as his place of birth and residence.

The Mississippi "friend" however, claimed also the title of "African" and this claim greatly offended his Nigerian "friend."

The Nigerian "friend" made it very very clear (in no uncertain terms) that he in no way considered his Mississippi "friend" a fellow "African"...period, end of story.

It was a tense dialogue that caused me some long pause and reflection.

I mean if a person/a people that are currently in Africa don't consider or accept "outsiders" as a fellow African...what's the point?

After all I too considered myself "African"...but hmmm, what to do now??
Since that time I have come across other similar discussions and I try not to interject too often because I know (now) how emotionally charged the discussion can become.

So here, I'm going to make a flat statement that many will likely take issue with but I believe there is a certain logic to it once given due consideration.

According to Compensatory Logic:

"Africa" and "Africans" do not yet exist.

Neither do "America"/"Americans."

Neither do "African-Americans".

Why not?

According to compensatory logic (Fuller, 2010), the only people that correctly qualify to be called any of the above have succeeded in producing "peace" in the known universe using truth, justice, and correctness. And since "peace" does NOT yet exist, the above titles can not be correctly applied to any people or persons.

In our ignorance and frustration we fight over titles and names that if asked, we can not even define.

Its time to think higher.

In the below audio Neely Fuller Jr. explains the compensatory definitions of the terms "Africa" &"America."

Towards Peace.

Eric Spann (copyright 2014)

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