Saturday, April 12, 2014

To Daddy's Little Girl

It is such a joy to watch you as you are learning how to identify and pronounce words, and count, and write. You're doing sight words now: "F-R-O-G!" That spells FROG!", you say. And soon, you'll be reading short sentences, then paragraphs, then, the sky is the limit. You are just the tender age of three now, the embodiment of innocence, but you may one day see this blog posting. I would hope (and do endeavor)  that by the time you are able to read and comprehend the words penned here that the entire conversation will be moot. But today, it isn't, and so I write.

The world has seemingly become such a small place. Information seems to travel at the speed of light - yes, that fast, however, if I taught you properly, you'll know that the laws of physics dictate that only light can travel at the "speed of light." :) But it suffices to say that information now travels faster than it ever has. The information highway connects people in ways never imagined.

It is this connection that brought to my attention the recent suicide death of a young 22 year-old college student named Karyn Washington, someone that I had never personally heard of until today. She is the creator of the "For Brown Girls" website (now defunct ). Her story touches me on several levels. You see, like Karyn, you too are a brown skinned girl and I realize that you too will face challenges not at all unlike those faced by the brown skinned girls all over the world, maybe more...maybe alot more.

The title of her website, and more importantly, the reason for its existence in the first place is more evidence of The Awful Reality of Racism(White Supremacy) that I will at some point have to explain to you.

I hope that I've prepared you to effectively and constructively, counter the effects of this reality.

I hope that you know that your self-worth is determined by you, and you alone.

I hope you know that you are you, and that with correct diet and exercise, your body is perfect as is. No need for comparisons or alterations.

I hope that you are firmly rooted and are able to follow logic. You are both your own leader and follower.

I hope that you are prepared and able to stand alone in the face of the most trying of circumstances.

I hope that you seek constructive help, if and when needed.

I hope you know that your absolute most valuable asset has two hemispheres (connected via the corpus callosum)...use them both and consistently.

Remain sober, encouraged, and strong. Make Justice your goal. I love you. Signed, Daddy

Eric Spann (copyright 2014)

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