Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stop Name-Calling

Toward the production of Justice, there are ten-basic stops..."basic" presumably because there are many more things that could and should be stopped. Get the "basics", then move on to the more "advanced." At any rate, one of the basic stops simply says "stop name-calling".

As simplistic as that sounds, it is exceedingly difficult for most to comprehend.

Like walking past pennies I suppose. Too insignificant to give much time or consideration to -  yet pennies add up. We should slow down and pay more attention.

I was recently introduced to two words: "akata" and "obroni".

Both words likely mean nothing to the average U.S. reader - as would any words that one has never seen or heard.

Admittedly they meant nothing to me until I read them within context.

As one who has some interest in "African" history, culture, and politics I have a particular interest in how people interact - those "in Africa" with those "from Africa." Two articles below seem to summarize others that I've read.

Read the articles for yourself and as you read, give some thought to how name-calling is an impediment to anything constructive, and also how name-calling creates unnecessary hostility between and among people.

The solution?

Don't be tricked into thinking that it is more complicated than it really is.

It is not complicated at all.

Simply stop doing it.

Stop name-calling.


About the Relationship Between African and African Americans


 Back to Africa? For some African-Americans, the answer is yes

Eric Spann (copyright 2014)

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