Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ghetto Glorification

Ghetto Glorification. Use this term to apply to any behavior by one or more Non-White person that helps to produce, promote, and/or praise, speech or action that is primitive, savage, silly, stupid, and/or in other ways destructive, that directly or indirectly support White Supremacy(Racism).

pg. 132 A Compensatory Counter-Racist Codified Word Guide author Neely Fuller Jr.

Sometimes a cynic, instead of blogging about the absence and need for /justice/, correctness, and their logical outcome: peace, I almost named this blog "Black Life Ain't Worth Shit" at

And no apology for the use of the four-letter word.

I mean/t it with the full impact of the term.

Here's one (among far too many) reasons why.

15 Year Old High School Student Shoots and Kills a 50 Year Old Male for 10 U.S. Dollars

The cynical me creeps back in as I try to stay logical and on point with this, but its admittedly difficult to do.

But come on, murder someone and have only Ten U.S. dollars to show for it?

Sure, it can be argued that the killers (one is still unaccounted for) had hoped to get much more cash but I digress and its besides the point.

The point is, it could've and could be you and me, minding our own business, and in this case, trying to run a business, when a terribly misguided younger(or older) black male decides too that our life ain't worth shit.

I'm just saying..

And in BREAKING News:

In the surreal world that currently exists, while doing more research into this particular story...I find that today, yes, today as I pen this blog entry, the very same store was again robbed and this time, the store owner was actually shot. Back in August, he got "lucky", this time - not so much.

Further supporting my cynical assertion that black life really ain't worth shit.

After the first incident, a neighbor stated that he had been in the same neighborhood for 54 years and NEVER had a single robbery attempt. And now, two incidents in less than 90 days - both times involving person dead and one person thinking long and hard about whether its worth it to try to run a store in the 'hood.

But I won't belabor the issue.

Admittedly, I don't know all of the particulars surrounding what took place in either incident, but I do know enough to know that taking another life is not and never is a trivial matter.

I reiterate here the immediate need to change the current "rules" concerning what should be done about unjust killing and the perpetrators.

The current "rules" simply don't go nearly far enough.

"Take a life, give a(your) life" - should be the motto and maybe, just maybe we will then be headed in the direction toward justice, correctness, and peace...

The glamor in killing people is a sickness and demands a very strong statement...

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