Friday, August 30, 2013

Why I Started This Blog / Some observations

This blog was started by me as a reaction to the very present realities of racism.

Specifically, I observed that my comments to news stories in local online newspapers were not being posted or would be subsequently removed shortly after posting.

I also observed that the most vile and racist rhetoric could be posted within the same comments section and remain posted there unscathed.

Despite the overtly racists comments that I would sometime respond/offer suggestions to, I intentionally and purposely kept my own comments within the "community rules" i.e. no profanity, no name calling, no spam, etc. yet my comments were consistently banished. 

This has happened to me on far too many occasions to be mere coincidence, and so I rarely bother to post or even read the comments sections anymore given what I have observed.

So I write my observations here.

My observations have informed me that:

1. online censorship is prevalent;

2. racist comments are much more welcome than solution oriented comments;

3."liberal" racists practice the same, but more refined, racism as "conservative" racists;

4. Racism is a sport, and an actual fetish to a Racist...

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