Monday, December 24, 2012

General Relativity and The Compensatory Concept

"General Relativity" and "The Compensatory Concept"

Some ideas are simply too bold.

"Bold" in every since of the word.

Some ideas are said to be "ahead of their time."

I posit that no idea is ahead of its "time" but only that people have a tendency to be slow to grasp the full weight of the idea at the time that it is initially presented.

I also suggest that it is the most grievous of errors to dismiss a new idea that you are presented with on the basis that the idea is too "foreign" to you or because you do not initially understand the idea.

Concerning two seemingly unrelated ideas:  "General Relativity" and "The Compensatory Concept" - I admit to previously dismissing both of them due to my lack of understanding.

Scientific inquiry and investigation is  mandatory, especially, when presented with things that are unfamiliar.

Look up the term: "General Relativity" and volumes have been written about it. It has gained acceptance by the Effective Majority of people.

Look up the term:  "The Compensatory Concept "and you'll find comparatively little information about it.

Does this make the one idea/concept any better(or worse) than the other?

If so, why? If not, why not?

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