Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Self-Help or Despair?

I might be mistaken (likely am) but I sometimes sense a current of despair among victims of racism who have read or are at least familiar with the compensatory concept.

This intrigues me.

The comments that I sometimes hear or read suggests that the problem of racism (white supremacy) is hopeless and there is simply nothing that can be done about it.

In a word: Despair.

Per the concept of "VGQ", all victims are entitled to say anything they wish to say concerning race and racism, and I definitely support that part of the concept.

But again, it is still intriguing.

Intriguing is that the compensatory concept itself, as I currently understand it, is all about suggestions of things that can and should be done (right now) about the problem of racism.

I do appreciate and comprehend that each individual is impacted differently within Racism, but some of the reactions by those that say that they are supporters of the compensatory concept cause me to wonder.

As such, I performed a rather informal survey of individuals that I have personally given a copy of the concept.

If the results of my informal survey are any indication of the presumably much larger audience - I now grasp why I hear so much despair and defeat among self-proclaimed victims of racism:

People are not reading the Concept.

Over the past few years, I have hand-delivered a copy to at least 5 individuals and not one of them has yet read it a single time cover-to-cover.

Now, this isn't earth shattering for me, nor is it a total surprise, and it could even be an indication of the worthlessness of the concept itself, but it is revealing to me and makes me wonder just how many other people have actually read the concept, at least once, in its entirety, which most ironically, is the very first suggestion that the book even makes (page C).

The "beauty" and "strength" of the concept is that it only makes suggestions (not commandments), and I suppose an individual's decision to do or not to do any or all of what it suggests would make the difference in how one thinks, feels, and act or react within the system of racism.

The concept is pure "self-help" in its design and scope and it must be thoughtfully read by the individual to be understood and applicable.

Otherwise, the despair, the confusion, the powerlessness, the helplessness, the hopelessness and worse, the system of racism, will remain unchallenged and unchanged.

Despair is an option, but is not the correct option when there are tools at your disposable.

Pick up the tools and use them.

Eric Spann (copyright 2014)

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