Friday, October 19, 2012

Romancing The Past

Everyone wants to bask in a romanticized and/or sanitized version of the past i.e. the "good 'ole' days"

Mountains and mountains of books, movies, college and high school textbooks all glorifying the past accomplishments of some people. Further, there are annual celebrations and reenactments, complete with costumes, regalia, and weaponry. little children that refuse to grow up.

My studies of past events cannot pinpoint a particular time or place that could be considered just and correct.

Meaning, recorded history can not identify a previous condition of:

1. Balance between people,
2. Guaranteeing that no person is mistreated and,
3. Guaranteeing that the person who needs help the most, gets the most constructive help.

Sure, there are the much vaunted  "Golden Age of ______" or the idealized "Pax ______"  and the glorious "_________ Dynasty" but I submit that if any of them were ever "great", NONE of them were, or are, great enough.

The evidence speaks for itself as we do not currently exist in a just and correct world.

So what to do?

Make it your personal duty to stop glorifying the past and deal with today's myriad problems. The biggest now being the system of racism.

Yesteryear is prologue - we're center stage now - the production of Justice is the duty and quite possibly our very reason for existence.

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