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Book Review: The Compensatory Concept Textbook/Workbook

The United-Independent Compensatory Code System Concept a textbook/workbook for Thought, Speech and/or Action for Victims of Racism (white supremacy) by Neely Fuller Jr.
What, exactly, is Race?

What, exactly, is Racism?

If the author's thesis is correct, this will likely be the most important "book" you could ever read on the subject.

NOTE: I put "book" in quotes because to assume that its "just another book", would be a monumental mistake.

Certainly there are countless books that specifically discuss the subject of race/racism, but almost all of them speak of race/racism in the abstract. They tend to speak as if racism is some ethereal and undefinable phenomena. As though racism is some-thing that's "out there." "Out there" as like a vapor..... Others speak in terms of racism being worse in certain geographical locations and better in others.

What separates the Compensatory work book from other books about the topic of racism is that it provides the following:

1) an unequivocal, concrete definition for racism
2) what an individual person can do about it
3) an idea of what should replace racism

The above strengths, in terms of what separates the author's work from all others, is also its greatest weakness, because the entire body of work rests on his concrete definition of race/racism. For if his definition is incorrect, the entire book is practically useless - and this, he readily admits. However, if his definition is correct the implications can not be overstated or exaggerated. Those implications being, without argument, that The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept ranks as one of the greatest scientific discoveries ever made.

I know - that's a pretty bold statement - and for a time, so was heliocentric theory.

Major discovery is not the exclusive domain of certain people, and is not exclusive to a particular place in time.

The compensatory workbook should be approached with the understanding that it was developed over the course of several decades. It was not haphazardly assembled. The book's content and suggestions are the author's careful observations and evaluations of the place in time that we all currently exist. While a single reading of the text might provide an overview of the idea, to fully grasp the code/system/concept/theory will require dedication, study, and action with the ultimate intent of producing "Justice."

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Eric Spann (copyright 2014)

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