Friday, July 13, 2012

Maximum Emergency Compensatory Confinement

"A teenager accused of hindering prosecution in a triple homicide in Auburn received the maximum 20-year sentence today in a separate killing in Montgomery.
 Circuit Judge Gene Reese imposed the sentence on 18-year-old Jeremy Thomas of Montgomery. Thomas pleaded guilty to manslaughter last month for the shooting death of 14-year-old Takira Sada Gaston of Montgomery.
Thomas apologized to Gaston's family before being sentenced, but the victim's grandmother said that did nothing to alleviate her loss...."
Noticed the underlined portion?

The victim's grandmother is absolutely correct.

The ONLY apology that counts is the one that the murderer gives to the victim.

And the ONLY possible way to give a "correct apology" is to join the victim in the "spirit realm".

Yes, you read it, the murderer should die - ASAP.

I'll elaborate on the concept of  a "correct apology" in a moment, but I want to give further context to this story.
"The Montgomery homicide is not related to the Auburn shootings. Auburn police say Thomas was at a pool party on June 9 when a brawl broke out and shots were fired, killing two former Auburn University football players and another man, plus injuring three men.
Thomas is accused of fleeing the party with his friend, 22-year-old Desmonte Leonard of Montgomery, and helping him abandon the getaway car in neighboring Macon County. That resulted in Auburn police charging Thomas with hindering prosecution.
Thomas was free on bond in the Montgomery case when he attended the party. Police arrested him on the hindering prosecution charge June 11."

Points to consider:

- a murderer

- free on bond

- involved in three more murders (Total: 4 known dead persons)

- sentenced to 20 years in prison (greater confinement)


"Correct Apology" or Maximum Emergency Compensatory Confinement: An  explanation.

First, the concept is not my idea.

The concept's author is Neely Fuller Jr.

After given some serious consideration, I support the concept.

As I understand it - there are 3 criteria.

Anytime a person 1) willfully,  2) deliberately, and 3) unjustly takes the life of another person, that person receives the requisite speedy trial and when found guilty, the convicted murderer is immediately placed into Maximum Emergency Compensatory Confinement.

This Compensatory Confinement would be configured in such fashion as to allow the convicted murderer to make a "correct apology" by taking his or her own life.

The configuration of Compensatory Confinement is as follows:

One murderer, in a jail cell, 24x7,  alone, one daily meal, zero bail, zero parole, zero visitation, zero recreation time, zero phone time, zero books, no music, no television..... NO COMFORTS WHATSOEVER  and a single bullet.

The key concept is that no other person should be employed to perform the "capital punishment."

The "person" that chose to willfully, deliberately, and unjustly kill anyone should be given the tools, the equipment, and the opportunity to "capitally punish" and kill exactly one more person -  him/herself.

This sends the message that unnecessary murder is not something that is to ever be tolerated, celebrated, accepted, and definitely not something that anyone should be paid to do.

This concept would apply equally to white and non-white peoples... it should be Universal Law (applicable at all times and in all places in the known universe) and it should be something that is asked for both by the victim's family AND the murderer.

Anything less is to show contempt for Justice.

One Meal and a Single Bullet until the deed is done.

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