Sunday, September 18, 2011

What is Justice?

Succinctly put, /Justice/ is a great idea. Really, it is the greatest idea ever conceived, however, it has(had) one major flaw:

The idea, as popularly stated (i.e. "fairness","moral rightness") , is far too vague for any meaningful and lasting application.

"Justice" is a moving target that differs from one "culture" to the next, and even within the same "culture".

This vagueness allows /justice/ to remain, at best,  unevenly distributed, and at worst, outright denied...just ask Troy DavisUpdate 9/20.

To pin down the moving target that is /justice/, whenever the word /justice/ is used in this blog, I mean the following compensatory definition (as suggested to me by The Compensatory Concept.) :

1. Balance between people,
2. Guaranteeing that no person is mistreated and,
3. Guaranteeing that the person who needs help the most, gets the most constructive help.
Presently, /justice/ is only a concept and not the reality.

To bring the concept into reality requires YOUR participation.

Quite possibly, it may be your reason for existence.

/Justice/ Is Correct

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