Thursday, September 29, 2011

...Until it sinks in....

Racism (White Supremacy) is mistreatment and domination based on color.

Yes, people of the same color/non-color* mistreat each other on a daily basis throughout the world.

It is correct to describe this behavior as what it is: mistreatment.

On the other hand, Racism (White Supremacy) is a "specific" form of mistreatment that tends to hide in plain sight.

Like on the job.

When a non-white person is asked for their opinion in the decision-making process, only to have their opinion constantly "vetoed" in favor of someone white.

Or the non-white person's authority is repeatedly undermined (by a white person), even when the non-white person is following the rules and guidelines set forth by the company.

Or, when the non-white person receives a reprimand for making a mistake that could have been prevented had they received the same training and assistance afforded to their white colleagues.

The very fact that the overwhelming majority of industry and jobs are dominated and controlled by white persons is Racism.

There is nothing wrong with white people owning and controlling businesses, however, Racism pretends that this majority ownership is simply a natural development in the course of human events. Racism pretends that non-white people had an insignificant role in laying the foundation, literally, for these businesses and industries.

Forty acres and a mule - promised, but not delivered is Racism.

So again, Racism -White Supremacy is a very specific form of mistreatment that says, you're non-white, so you are a candidate for mistreatment and domination based on your color.

ALL mistreatment is incorrect and must be replaced with /justice/.


1. Balance between people,
2. Guaranteeing that no person is mistreated and,
3. Guaranteeing that the person who needs help the most, gets the most help.

/Justice/ is correct.

*White is the non-color i.e. "Colored go to the back of the bus" referred to "people of color"...white people are not colored...

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