Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yes, It Really Is As Simple as Black and White

I've seen and heard people have quite a difficult time with one of the basic tenets outlined within the Compensatory Concept. That being, according to compensatory counter-racist logic, that "Black" people include any and all people that are classified as non-white.

Put another way, if you are non-white, then you are classified (politically) as a black person.

Yellow = Black

Brown = Black

Red = Black

Black = everyone else that is not white.

Of course this causes all kinds of internal torment for some, and for very obvious reasons, but hey, it's either true or it's not - individual emotions notwithstanding. Don't take issue with the logic, your issue is with the system of racism/white supremacy.

Having a difficult time accepting that Red = Black?

Most accept that the Native Americans are "Red" people.. yet:

"The Apalachee are a Native American people who historically lived in the Florida Panhandle...  under the state's binary racial segregation laws passed at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, they were classified as "colored" or "black." 

 So yes, in the system of racism, it really is as simple as black and white.

Replace Racism with a better system (conceivably Justice) and all of the above becomes immediately moot.

Until then, setting aside emotion, let's deal with reality and devise a plan to produce a better system.

Towards Justice.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Colorism Confusion II

Dark girls, light girls...

Ever notice that non-white people tend to be the only group of people that make a big deal about shades of skin color?…Ever thought about why?

Follow the link for audio:

Monday, January 19, 2015

White Studies: Sexual Harassment

Warning: If you're easily offended by word pictures describing sex (in this case Sexual Abuse/Harassment**), please skip this post!!

The below story is so profound that, with the author's permission, I post it here in its entirety.

Profound because I've heard similar stories from other non-white males and females.

Profound because the intersection of Racism (White Supremacy) and Sex is rarely discussed in an open and honest manner.

Profound because in the current, Refinement stage of racism (see "Code" pg. 31), this information could possibly save your sanity, your reputation, or quite possibly your life.

Profound because this single story contains so many lessons in "White Studies"...

From the previous study we discussed that white supremacy is practiced via deception, violence and/or the threat of violence - notice the same elements are also found within this story/study. No coincidence as this is how racism works in real-time.

          The question: Have you ever dated a white girl?

His reply:
"I attended a majority white liberal arts college in Los Angeles, and being one of only two black military minded individuals on campus was quite difficult for me to adjust to at moments. I’m from Texas, and being southern you just don’t trust or relate to white people like that if you’re black or Latino. I grew up with white women looking at me in a sexual yet disgusted manner, while white men called me “Boy” which is the covert way and word for “Nigger” that white people use in Texas.

I remember my freshman year I met this white girl named Meagan, she was a super liberal Christian from Kansas. Meagan had a white boyfriend who asked her to marry him back in Kansas, a extremely wealthy conservative Christian family, and she always seemed like she was on a mission to piss her parents off with her life choices.

Meagan decided to join the debate team, and this is where our paths crossed. She immediately gave me those familiar looks of lust and disgust when we met. I was literally the only black person on the debate team. Meagan and I were assigned a project together, so one night I ended up at her apartment after 11:00pm.

We completed the project and somehow ended up talking about my life in retrospect, she offered me vodka. I accepted, she drank a sip of vodka and red bull and began to act as if she was the most intoxicated woman on the planet. After a sip of vodka and red bull, she started to aggressively kiss me while stating cliche and sexually awkward comments like: “Are you going to shove that big black cock into me?”, “I’ve always wanted to fuck a big black cock”, and “Pound this white pussy with your jungle cock”.

Now, mind you I was only 18 when this took place. I wasn’t smart enough at the time to catch all these subtle racist comments Meagan was making. I was young and dumb, and this random white girl who was really attractive when she wasn’t talking was throwing her pussy at me without me putting in any effort for it.

We hooked up a few more times until one night we were out at a party, Meagan made a racist comment about a black girl who had purple highlights in her hair at the party. Meagan said something to me to the effect of “Your people are so ghetto, c’mon. Purple hair dude?” The black girl overheard her and the black girl went H.A.M on Meagan. Meagan, bleeding from a busted lip from having hands put on her called the police.

The police arrived and put me in hand cuffs because they believed I set Meagan up to be assaulted by the black girl who I had never met before. Meagan got the white Bentwood Police to uncuff me by saying and I quote verbatim “He’s not apart of the black apes who jumped me, he’s my boyfriend, he’s one of the good ones.”

I was young and dumb, on the way back to her apartment we fought because I was offended that she referred to me as her boyfriend. I know, right. I should have been more angry about her racist comments and angry about the fact that she lied to the cops by saying she was jumped by a group of black thugs. Hints the reason that I referred to myself as young and dumb during this period of my life. We got back to her apartment and had sex, after sex she said and I quote verbatim “Black men are such good lay’s, you guys are excellent breeders with your big muscles, big cocks, and great bodies.”

I didn’t even confront her ignorant comment, I just left her apartment with my mind made up that I would never deal with her again.

2 weeks passed with me ducking her and not returning her phone calls and she finally cornered me one day in the gym. I expressed to her that I thought she was racist, entitled, spoiled, and that she wasn’t the kind of person that I saw myself consorting with.

In hearing this she became incensed with anger, flying off the handle why reminding me that I wasn’t worthy to brake up with her {WE WERE NEVER IN A RELATIONSHIP} and that she would never even consider dating a “Black Jungle Monkey”. Going on to state that she has a great white man who asked her for her hand in marriage back in Kansas, and that I had no one to love me back in the jungle war zone where I came from.

Meagan informed me that if I even as much as looked in her direction moving forward, she would spread a rumor and accuse me of raping her. Meagan then spit in my face in the middle of the gym in front of everyone and walked away.


** A note regarding the title. I include here an explanation for my use of the word-term "Sexual Abuse/Harassment" as these are not terms used by the author of the story. This is a compensatory term to describe the power relationship that exists between white and non-white people in the area of sexual activity during the existence of racism (white supremacy).

Eric Spann (copyright 2015)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

White Studies

Understandably, some non-white people make it a point to avoid talking to white people. This "natural" reaction to racism serves to preserve some semblance of sanity for those individuals. I am in no way qualified to praise nor criticize this reaction. Like I said, it is understandable...

Over the years a lot of attention has been placed on "Black Studies", again totally understandable, but in my opinion, equal if not more focus should be placed on "White Studies". This may be a cringe worthy thought to some, but if we are to produce a correct world, e.g. a world replacing racism with justice (The Assignment), it is imperative to understand who and what we are up against. To know how a thing is put together is to also know how to dismantle it.

I converse with white people, even those that I suspect are practicing racism, for the primary purposes of gaining useful "intelligence". I know that they study us, but rarely do we truly study them.

How do those that practice racism actually do it? Compensatory Logic suggests that when not using direct violence, they do so by deception. And one of the primary tools of deception is the skillful use of words.

This point is far too profound to be overstated.

A recent article written by a non-white male discussing the often contentious subject of the so-called "Confederacy", and specifically whether the Confederate flags (yes there are several) should continue to fly in Escambia County, FL, provided one such opportunity to engage in "White Studies."

While acknowledging the compensatory counter-racist logic suggestion that symbols such as flags and the like should not be held responsible for causing harm since only people can and should be held responsible for the practice of racism, the resulting comments from the article is revealing in how words are used for the purposes of deception.

Also, some useful and interesting "intel" was obtained.

For context, it may be helpful to read the original article.

Below are highlights from the comments posted in response to the above article.

[RS]=Racist Suspect

Right out of the gate, in the very first comment.

[RS] informs us:
"Escambia County is a political subdivision of Florida that recognizes and protects the flags of the Confederacy in Chapter 256 “Flags” of Florida Statutes. No one I know thinks the Florida Legislature is pro-slavery."
Eric says:  Who knew?! It had never occurred to me that in Florida the Confederate flags enjoy legal protection by state statute.

256.10 Mutilation of or disrespect for Confederate flags or replicas.No person shall publicly mutilate, deface, defile, defy, trample upon, or by word or act cast contempt upon the flags of the Confederacy, or replicas thereof...
Eric says: Mmmm, good to know.


"Your viewpoint was well-written and worth the read. Its easy to see how any confederate flag is insulting to black Americans. It was Black Africans who sold the weaker oppressed to the slave traders, was it not? And I’m pretty sure no one alive today was a slave owner, (though we are still paying reparations, and dearly.) Their ancestors may have been, mine were, a revolting idea when I think of it.
You mention your article was not about slavery but slavery is mentioned multiple times. Well, as I understand history, the civil war was more about states rights than about slavery, Lincoln used slavery as his tool to gain power for his office and the Federal gov’t.
And it worked quite effectively, did it not?
George, if you really want to get past the notion that blacks are perceived as inferior, lobby for an end to affirmative action, end the reduced requirements for occupations so that more minorities can become qualified and do all the hard working people a favor and help black people who reproduce maintain a stronger two parent household so a larger percentage can get out of poverty and away from the sense of entitlement and manipulation of the entitlement system.
No offense George."
 Eric says: Where to begin with this comment? Black Africans sold slaves? While true, this is not closely germane to the present discussion. Still paying reparations? Really? Civil War was more about states rights than about slavery? Again really? Author (George) should instead lobby for the end of affirmative action?  

Watch that term "States Rights" as it comes up EVERY time there is a question concerning slavery and the so-called "civil war". Racist suspects never answers the question: state's rights to do what exactly??? 

Moving along.

[NW]George, author of the original article, posts two point blank questions that get completely ignored so he poses them again:
Do you believe that African Americans are treated equally in the courts, schools and/or workplace today?
Do you believe that post-slavery events of oppression like Jim Crow, lynchings, church-burnings, voting rights, judicial discrimination, police brutality/killings, discriminatory and employment practices (and others that are still occurring today) have a generational effect to impact opportunities for those people impacted by these events?
Eric says: It should be noted that dodging direct questions is typical racist behavior and should be anticipated...however, do not let direct questions go unanswered. This is very important!!

"Yes, overall I believe that blacks are treated equally by the courts, the schools and the workplace. Discrimination may exists in isolated instances, but one can not base a national philosophy upon the exceptions, and not the rule. Philosophy must be based upon the rule and the exceptions dealt with as they occur.
Generational impact from post emancipation events ? Perhaps…but I place the overall blame in some place other than institutionalized white behavior. I place the blame squarely upon a community that clings to that very notion and raises its children under those false assumptions and lowered expectations..."
Eric says:  Very important what the [RS]says here. There might be a problem, but it is assuredly not the system of racism that is to blame. Matter of fact, it is the victims of racism themselves that are to blame.

"If a man walks into a bar looking for a fight, he inevitably will find one…if a man is told long enough that he can’t make it and the (white) world is against him, he will find it to be so. Before you scream stereotype to the high heavens give it some thought and in your deepest soul I know you have heard those sentiments expressed hundreds of times in hundreds, or thousands, of homes. I wasn’t around for your childhood, but I assume from your stunningly successful business career that those beliefs weren’t impressed upon you – and please don’t tell me of the obstacles you had to overcome; every successful person, except those born to wealth, had obstacles to overcome.
Eric says: Note the attempt at flattery. Typically employed by suspected racists to disarm their unsuspecting victims. Further, also used to create a phoney distinction between you and the rest of "them" because after all, since you've had some measure of success that is proof that there is no systemic racism. Those "others" just need to be more like you.

"I wouldn’t object to the British flag being flown over Pensacola . I’m Irish, and from 1845-1849 the English deliberately starved to death 1,000,000 Irish with the prevailing belief that they were subhuman – that’s how my ancestors got here, (about the same time as slavery was ending) yet I just laugh, like every other Irishman, at the sign at McGuires that says “Irish Need Not Apply’ – real sign, from America, from that time. I laugh, because we ignored it and we made it, because we BELIEVED we could make it in spite of any discrimination, discrimination that we had suffered for centuries before coming here only to find the same tired old stereotypes.
Eric says: Big red flag alert! Racists operate via deception. Truth mixed with lies and or half-facts is deception.

[RS] here claims to be "Irish". And the truth is that the people known as the Irish were at one time treated pretty awful. Literally, in times past they were treated just like niggers. But then an interesting (fortuitous?) thing occurred..and this thing is almost never revealed when they play the Race"Irish" card. The Irish would eventually become accepted as full fledged members of the White Race. For more on this see Ignatiev, How the Irish Became White. So while it is true that the Irish at one time had it pretty rough, it is absolute subterfuge to pretend today that there remains some common bond with black people. They are accepted and classified today as white (in a system of white supremacy) a fact that non-white people are supposed to remain completely ignorant of. He has no problem with the British flag because for all intents, he is now part of the club.

George[NW] posts several insightful links with some containing statistical data and research supporting his claims of injustice..

[RS] then comments:
"Your wasting your time; I’m familiar with both of those studies.
...the Harvard study was far away from being either the first, or most shocking , discovery about sentencing disparity...
...I can hardly expect you to think that I would believe that a study conducted that used as a research population only Cook County (Chicago, for the uninitiated) would be representative of the country as a whole..."
Eric says: Two points. Racists are typically very well read. To stay in a position of supremacy they make it a point to study everything that may have any type of impact on their practice of racism. Further, these very same individuals either out of arrogance or sheer disdain will completely disregard any facts presented that might reveal the truth about racism. Harvard study? Who cares? Department of Justice findings? B.S.! A racists has little use for the data because it is his/her prerogative and or reason for breathing to practice racism - period. Rarely do we see it as blatantly stated, but this [RS] said it, "your are wasting your time" can't show me any fact about racism that I don't already know. Its my game, I already know the data.

 When I highlighted the truth about the "Irish".

[RS]  comments:
"I take exception to the statement that the Irish are now ‘accepted’ as member of the ‘white race’…what we are is accepted as equals in society, and this discussion should properly center upon whether or not blacks are receiving that same acceptance. The genesis of this discussion was a debate about the Confederate flag – I am of Irish descent, and of Southern descent ...
Eric says:  Now he is both Irish and Southern descended...two really meaningless descriptors when given thoughtful consideration.

But what he says next was totally worth the time spent reading his and others often times nonsensical racist rhetoric.

Pay close attention. This is very very important.

[RS] says:
"If you have ever attended a Movement for Change annual Change banquet, and I have attended many, then you will recall that the opening ceremonies include a ‘pledge’ to an African flag. I know, I know, it is simply a symbol of acknowledgement of cultural root.."
Eric says: This [RS] who has earlier stated that there is no systemic racism, that the Confederate flag represents a noble southern history, and that black people are solely to blame for their present condition informs us that he often sits among these very same black people at their meetings!

I won't speculate on his(her) purposes for attending, but think about this: He has stated that he doesn't believe there are any problems that aren't the fault of black people, yet he makes time and effort to attend black meetings where these very same "non-existent" problems are being discussed.

This is (code) why any (white) person that is able to practice racism falls into the Racist Suspect[RS] category.

Its not personal, its business.  As Refined racists do not wear signs on their foreheads indicating that they are a racist.

This very same [RS] "friend?" of the black man continues, with about as much condescension as he could muster.

[RS] says:

"I give up, George, you win. I went out into the street this morning and stopped a car load of gangbangers on their way to a drive-by shooting and asked them why they were doing this and they answered “Why, my soul was wounded when I saw the CSA flag flying and this is the best way to respond”. I then stopped by the STD clinic and interviewed some HIV patients – same response – “I had unprotected sex because of that damned flag .” Next I stopped by some people and asked them to comment on our dialog, but they were embarrassed because they couldn’t read the print out; I asked why they couldn’t read..”It’s the Confederate flag, it sapped my will to learn”. I checked in with the local crack dealers – same response.
I am truly ashamed of the web of evil that was created by a document and a war that ended 150 years ago. It was so powerful that a century and a half later it has caused all of these social woes. So, begone flag, and by next week I look to see a 75% reduction in homicides, a cessation of black-on-black crime, an 80% increase in literacy and the disappearance of HIV.
Hell, I’ll take it down myself and burn it if that’s all it takes to have the desired result."
 Eric says: Remember, this is the very same person that is sitting among a sea of black people that are trying their hardest to improve the condition of black people...again, with such a disdain for black people, why make it a point to attend their gatherings? Remember the earlier point -
Racists are typically very well read. To stay in a position of supremacy they make it a point to study everything that may have any type of impact on their practice of racism.

And finally, his parting shot.

[RS] says:
"I am proud of my Southern heritage and in the old family home there is a fine portrait of my gggrandfather, resplendent in his Confederate captain’s uniform hanging on the wall – he was an Irish immigrant, did not believe in slavery or own slaves, and HIS ideal he was fighting for was State’s rights , whatever others may have fought for. That is what I see and think of when I see the Stars and Bars. The issues in the Civil War are far more complex than just slavery.
History aside, this is a meaningless issue to me in the face of the other real problems that need addressing so I will abandon this thread."
Eric says: His fine"great" grandfather was a Confederate captain...this he is proud of. Then there is that dangling term again "State's Rights"...and the fact that the reason for the "civil war" are so complex that he, like others, never bother to explain these other "complexities."

In closing, this exercise in White Studies is to show how racism operates by deception, and specifically showing the words used for this purpose. Also highlighted is how they will sit among black people while at the same time displaying total contempt and disregard for these very same people.

It is imperative to understand who and what we are up against, for to know how a thing is put together is to also know how to dismantle it.

Towards Justice.

Eric Spann (copyright 2015)