Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Colorism Confusion

Built right into the word itself is utter confusion.

No surprise though given that the system of racism literally thrives in the confusion of its non-white victims.

The same generates the confusion, fuels it, fosters it, perpetuates it and assuredly profits from it. The profit being its very existence.

In isolation, "colorism" might mean something however, it doesn't exist in isolation; it exists in a wider context of racism/white supremacy.

Why is this important/relevant?

For the simple fact that it removes the focus off of the actual issue at hand.

It is a magnificent distraction designed to literally befuddle non-white people.

And it works.

"Colorism's" close cousin is the belief that black people are in fact more racist toward other black people.

A total contradiction in terms if there ever was one.

Its no wonder we haven't yet solved the race problem as we don't know what we are looking at.

But again, no surprise.

In the absence of a real, functioning, operational definition for the term racism, we go with the default definition given to us by the very racist themselves.

Beyond all of the academic terms, countless millions of books, lectures and debates - distilled, the best definition most arrive at is a statement that goes something like: "everybody is a little racist".

This is because until now we have allowed the racists to play this game of semantics to their advantage and to our extreme disadvantage. It is time for some real self-determination and creativity.

With the super squishy and elastic conclusion and definition that "everybody is a little racist",  we are stuck with a problem that can not be solved.

After all, if it is everybody, then we're all even, we're all to harm, no foul.

Worse, if black people are racist toward other black people, then we have no real right to gripe about any of it anyway. Remember "judge not...."

Then we are our own worst enemy it is often said.

This line of thought is also self-defeating, and we're right back to square one.

Distracted and confused.

We then argue and fight among ourselves about who and what the real problem really is.

Is colorism truly the perennial issue? Or is it only a mere symptom of a bigger, more insidious problem?

I  propose that it is the latter.

Yes, non-white people do possess some very serious animus towards one another.

More accurately described, its poison.

We do not like each other for all types of social and historical reasons but it is the truth.

In the midst of this utter disdain we're then fed the line that "colorism" is the blame and we take that and run.

An entire cottage industry then springs up around this insanity and we move further and further away from truth.

In an effort to provide some semblance of clarity, and a modicum of focus, in support of the compensatory concept I propose the adoption of the functional definition for the term racism to mean the same thing as white supremacy.

This immediately "disqualifies" a black person from being racist towards another black person for the logical reason that one must be a white person in order to practice white supremacy.

Further, to deal with the colorism confusion, recognize it for what it truly is:

Victims of racism (white supremacy) mistreating other victims of white supremacy (racism) for the further strengthening and increasing the power of the system of white supremacy..

When non-white people are at odds with one another over shades of brown, length of hair, and type of hair, they (collectively) are made weaker while the system of racism maintains and grows in power.

Want evidence?

Just look around.

Eric Spann (copyright 2014)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Case Study: Liberia Part II

Even if they can't locate it on a map, a lot of people have likely now become familiar with the country known as Liberia due to the latest outbreak of the Ebola virus.

Ghastly images of people laying (and dying) in the middle of the street, while others helplessly (though maybe prudently) stand by and watch.

Make shift "hospitals"and "care centers" made of plastic blue tarps sitting on dirt fields.

Literally plastic shacks...for the treatment and containment of a most serious and contagious virus...

Healthcare workers covered from head to toe in space-like rubber suits with giant boots and goggles appearing like they are in the middle of contamination from a nuclear fallout.

Who could have imagined that this is the exact same place/land that, a mere 90-odd years ago, Marcus Garvey had attempted to purchase and develop to give black people a home and haven as they were fleeing the lynchings and other unfettered abuses in the U.S./America?

The Liberian-story contains every element of the most unbelievable story one could imagine...and this is no exaggeration. It is like a tragicomedy with a whole lot of tragedy and very little comedy. With Ebola, as deadly serious as it is, being just the latest "blip" or wrinkle in that story.

Truly, to quote Neely Fuller Jr., "if you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism) - what is it, and how it works - everything else that you understand will only confuse you."

As discussed in Part I, the group of white men (racist suspects/racial parents) operating under the title "The Society for the Colonization of Free People of Color of America" had great plans for the "negro."

Part of the "negro problem" at that time included fear of  "slave revolts/rebellions".

The revolts would be sparked in part due to the increasing number and visibility of "free people of color" and "free Negroes" as the erstwhile primitive "savage" was becoming smarter and increasingly discontented about his enslaved condition.

The solution put forth by the Colonization Society was to get rid of the black people and its "negro problem" by deporting them to Africa. 

Liberia specifically.

Estimates vary, but only a very small percentage of the black people accepted the Society's offer of relocation. Of the millions of slaves and free blacks in America at that time far fewer than 20,000 ever actually went back under the auspices of the Colonization Society. In fact, during the first 12 years of this relocation program fewer than 3,000 had made the journey.

Excitement to "return" to Africa was muted at best. Compounded by mistrust in the motives of the Colonization Society, several generations and  far removed from Africa, few black people then (as now) had any real knowledge or connection to the land.

To force the issue of relocation/deportation to Africa many slave owners would only release their slaves with what amounted to a one-way ticket to Liberia. Remain here as a slave, or be "free" in Liberia - your choice. Some wills stipulated that at the owner's death the plantation be sold and the proceeds used for the single purpose of sending the (now freed) slaves to Liberia.

On the subject of land/property- while Liberia was not under direct colonial rule (see Part I) the land itself wasn't empty/uninhabited. While the Colonization Society had grand plans for sending people from America to Liberia there was the matter of exactly where these people were to settle. Land was needed.

What do you do when the land is already occupied? And you believe in the maintenance of the system of white supremacy?

You take it.

"(Robert) Stockton along with Dr. Eli Ayers of the American Colonization Society negotiated a treaty that led to the founding of the state of Liberia. One source describes that he "leveled a pistol at King Peter's head and thereby convinced the latter to sell some of his territory." (emphasis mine) -wiki
Checkpoint #2
While I am duty bound (by code) to not call Mr. Stockton a racist, this solitary act is most definitely something a racist would do. The use of violence and/or the threat of violence is the "modus operandi" of a racist.

Liberia, as a nation, began with an act of violence, setting the course for what would prove to be only the beginning of a long history of the same.

(to be continued) 

Eric Spann (copyright 2014)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Case Study: Liberia Part I

The story of Liberia is nothing short of fascinating.

Certainly the entire land mass commonly known as Africa is tremendously rich; figuratively and literally, but Liberia's story, for the observant, provides a wealth of insight into the mechanics of the system of racism/white supremacy.

Disclaimer: I do not presume to be a scholar of Liberian history. I only share here my observations and a few opinions based on the available data.

Liberia is one of only two (yes two!) land areas in the entire landmass of Africa that did not come under direct European colonial rule.

This point should not be missed

Restated: In practical terms, just 100 years ago over 90% of the landmass of Africa was directly controlled by European powers...ALL of Africa except for Liberia and Ethiopia.

Maybe a picture will help.

 img:Wikimedia-Eric Gaba

Every blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow shade on the map represents a "different" colonial power...pretty much the entire map. This is the outcome of the "gentleman's agreement" known as the Berlin Conference aka The Scramble for Africa aka The Conquest of Africa..

Noteworthy are that the colors represent colonial ownership by Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Absent is latecomer U.S./America.

Liberia is that small greyish spot on the Western coast. Notice Ethiopia is to the East.

The relevance being that with 90+% of the landmass of Africa under the control of European colonization, there remained only slim pickings from the African pie.

Enter the American Colonization Society (ACS).

Destination: The Pepper Coast (now known as Liberia)

With the "noble" aims to "assist" the non-white population of the United States (both free and formerly enslaved)  with returning to Africa, the ACS was formed.

"Noble" given that the ACS supporters and founders consisted of a motley crew of then current and former slaveholders/traders as well as "philanthropic" abolitionist- types. To say the aims and objectives of the ACS were a bit schizophrenic is an understatement.

Further, it would not be a mis-characterization to state that to the extent that a Racist had anything to do with the ACS it is in fact the true though illegitimate parent of present-day Liberia.

Checkpoint #1

According to compensatory counter-racist logic as long as the system of White Supremacy(Racism) exists, ALL of the Non-White people of the known universe are the illegitimate children of the Racists.

Liberia, (its origin, its history, its contemporary status) is but a solitary example.

(to be continued) 

Eric Spann (copyright 2014)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Racial Classification Confusion

In this exchange of views between Mr. Fuller and host Khari is further elaboration (deconstruction) of the term African-American.

Why is this relevant and/or necessary?

Answer: To help reveal truth.