Thursday, June 21, 2012

Words Are Tools

In an exchange of views with a Compensatory Communications Associate concerning the various means and ways that are currently being implemented by The Racists to "re-colonize" the non-white people of Africa- I stated:

"According to Compensatory Counter-Racist Logic, in a total System of White Supremacy, the two terms ("white civilian" and "military") are functionally interchangeable.

I suspect that white "civilians" join (become?) the "military" for the purpose of furthering the system of white supremacy, so that once they become (join?) "civilians" again, the system is still intact.

They (white supremacist-racists) are at all times -  in uniform and out - at war and an occupying force against the non-white people of the universe.

I point this out, not to split hairs, but as an individual that is attempting to replace said race-system, with a system of justice.

They successfully hide behind their deceptive word-terms and this is the glue AND the marrow that holds their system in place.

Next to their bombs and missiles, their very clever use of word-terms is the most potent weapon in their arsenal.

Having almost completed a cover-to-cover read of the Counter-Racist Word Guide.....I can now better appreciate Mr. Fuller's imperative and seemingly obsessive stressing of the usage and non-usage of certain word terms.

Its not simply about making up words and definitions for the sake of making up words.

It is a compensatory plan for and about dismantling, bit by bit, this plague and scourge."

/justice/ Is Correct

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ball of Confusion

In 1970, The Temptations released the hit single "Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today).

If you haven't heard the track in a while, you should dig in your crates and give it a listen.

Fast forward 41 years and confusion abounds.

Most of what The Temptations "rapped" about in 1970  is very relevant today.

What is especially confusing about now, versus then, is that the System of Racism has become much more refined.

Huh? Say what?

"Refined" Racism dictates that a black male must become "president".....................................

New Download Link

Change is constant...

All of the mp3 download links are no longer active.

Correction: Some of the links are active, but they don't take you to the very specific show that was previously linked to the blog posting.

I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed by this, and stepped away from the blog.

I should've planned better for this eventuality.

The most recent mp3 downloads are still found here (for now anyway):